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Karen Boyd



Recent Updates:

8/6/05 I have edited my fire story like crazy, but dealing with some serious format issues! i may update that on here, someday. my board is still up.... there are a total of three people signed up in there =o) it's not all that important, but i'd really rally love feedback of any kind. email definitely works, too =o) BOARD ;.

5/20/05--it's been a while =o) added a story I wrote for ENGL280, I think i like it. there's also an about page for it, explaining why it is a little weird =o)

1/20/05: NEW and incredibly exciting!! View chapter one (not the final version but the slated one at least) of my current project right here. Ignore the italics and underlines, though, they are notes for me that I don’t feel like taking down right now. Do it later. ….

 1/11/05:  a few aesthetic enhancements though they didn’t all work as I thought, email link, fixed “daily masterpiece” title and page, fixed screwy list, added pieces (#’s 17 on)


OK, I’m working on this, it’s all coming together and pretty designs may be on the way. I’m just setting this up, like the foundations. Later, hopefully, it will be my writing site with new of progress on projects and things. Until then, here's a sort of make-shift site =o) thanks for visiting!


The parenthesis indicated the date it was written or originally posted on old sites and some inforamtion about it. The letters mean:


E- Exercise. This piece is in response to a prompt, idea, starting point, or challenge. If you are curious i could tell you, probably, where it came from.

FS- Fire Story. This is a piece that is currently written into my project which, because i intentionally decided not to name it, is called "the fire story."


Most of these pieces are not currently edited in any form. The titles are lame. Mostly copies or abbreviations of file names on my computer. I am primarily a writer of prose, so know quite well that my poetry isn't that great. But it's short, and that's easiest for internet display =o) so all the poetry is me trying too hard; it's me out of my arena.


Please feel free to comment on my work! I’d love the input, and it’s always nice to know that someone’s reading it! Email me.


Here they are.


1)    About: A Bottle Of Ink in His Hands (NEW 5/20/05)


1)    A Bottle Of Ink in His Hands (NEW 5/20/05)

1)    A Story From a Dream

2)    Her Boxes

3)    Raised

4)    Walking

5)    Vagrant Angel, take two

6)    Why I Write

7)    Apology

8)    Fighting

9)    Humility

10) Daily Masterpiece

11)A Vagrant Angel Cries

12) Without

13)An Almost green Day

14)An Hour at Mast Park

15)Dealing/Graphic Novella


17) On Weakness

18) Basement

19) Candle (Original and adaptation to FS)

20) Guess

21) I Remember

22) Mom’s Taxi

23) On Wisdom

24) Rain (Original and adaptation to FS)

25) You Know Me

26)   Thirty Three Blue






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